The easiest production planning software for Industry 4.0


All types of production


Connects with every ERP or use it as a standalone application.
Powerful API

Easy to use

Replaces Excel planning
Way easier than most ERP & MRP

49 CHF/month

Free trial

Simple & powerful

Know when you will deliver your customer

Deliver on time

Better organize the ordering process

Optimize the production processes

Optimize resources allocation

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Made in Switzerland

Planning 4.0 is enterily developped by a swiss team of engineers (the Rationalk company). We focus on quality and support.

We work with watch manufacturers and high precision mechanical companies.

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Unlimitted list of resources (machines, people)

View your planning in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Month

Manage individual resource planning (working times)

Constraints on prodution orders (Finish-to-Start, Not earlier than)

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