Planning 4.0



Download : Planning 4.0 for Windows

You received a .exe file, this is a standalone portable application that does not require installation. Double click and use it.

The database is stored as a file unders My Documents \ planning40.db

Mac OS

Download : Planning 4.0 for Mac OS

You received a .dmg file, double click and drop to your application folder.

The database is stored as a file unders Documents \ planning40.db


For some major upgrade that concernes the database structure, you should delete the database file "planning40.db" located int your Documents folder

Don't forget to export as xls before deleting the database, so you can reimport afterwards


Unlimitted list of resources (machines, people)

View your planning in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Month

Manage individual resource planning (working times)

Import and export from Excel

Constraints on prodution orders (Finish-to-Start, Not earlier than)

Connect with SAP, Sage X3, Microsoft Dynamics, ...

Very simple installation process

Near real time view of the production progress


Resource properties

  • ID
  • Name
  • Category : resources in the same category can do the same job. You let the software decide the earliest availbale resource.
  • Parent : for display purpose (for example group some machine per machine type or production location)
  • Info : some free text
  • Departement : some free text
  • Productivity : a free input number (from 0 to 100) in percentage
  • Type : human () or machine ()

Resource calculated properties

These informations are available by clicking on the info sign ⓘ near the resource title.

  • Future total production time : sum of all production times for production orders starting in the future (the current production order is not taken into account)
  • End of production : tell you when the resource is cpmpletely available
  • Available free slots : by default the software add new production orders at the end of the timeline (when the resource is completely available), but sometinmes it is good to know when the machine have some available production time.

Production orders

Production orders properties

  • ID
  • Num
  • Resource category : let the software decides which resource will do the job
  • Resource ID : for the production order on a particulare resource
  • Start : force the start date
  • Cycle time : single part prodcution time
  • Quantity : parts quantity to be produced
  • Productivity : resource productivity for this production order
  • Production time : Cycle time * qty * productivity
  • Duration : Production time + non-working times = end - start
  • Project : optional free text to store the project name
  • Customer : optional free text to store the customer name
  • Info : optional free text to store additional information

Working and non working times

You can define one global calendar and one calendar per resource

Non working times are defined by a start date and a time and end date and time

Working times are defined by a start date and a time and end date and time

You can define a generic day of week : like Mondays or a specific date like : 25.12.2018

Import from XLS

Download the demo file here and import it in Planning 4.0

The xls workbook has different sheets, do not change their names

Not in Planning 4.0

Planning 4.0 does not (yet) cover the following features :

  • Stock management
  • Connection with machine sensors

However they are covered by Rationalk ERP